"Gratitude is the opener of locked-up blessings."
- Marianne Williamson

"Life offers all of us many opportunities. Within those opportunities, the possibilities are endless. In our always on, ever growing lives, and because of the endless possibilities, it is a great idea to identify focus, time, effort and to have a goal in mind. With all that life has to offer, I found myself the proud mother of three amazing, talented and busy children, a wife to an amazing & talented (might I add type A) husband, a full time Executive of a large piece of business for a well known global employer, with no time, focus, effort on ME!

Life has a funny way of making you pay attention to things you should not ignore. A long journey and many doctors appointments later, I found myself facing my mortality at what should be a prime time in my life. Having come through that challenge, I now have made an intentional effort to focus, spend the time, and give some effort to ME, and my health. Overwhelmed with the possibility of getting healthy, I had an absolute 'block' on how to do it. I am not one who believes in coincidence, and am a led by faith person. I prayed for God's help to show me how to get started....and there it was! A beautiful note from a colleague of a professional women's Forum and Training (POS) provided me the answer! A Life Coaching opportunity!

I had been coached professionally in the past with great results. I had been coached spiritually with great results. I had never thought to apply that same opportunity to areas of my personal life where I was "stuck" - unable to move in a direction, make a commitment, get started - for unknown reasons that baffled me. Through her gentle spirit, focused approach, and knowing what tool to leverage when, Darla Beam helped me to move in my desired direction. I liken it to carefully pulling back the complicated layers to get to the heart of the matter, and putting committed actions into play. I appreciated every minute, and treasure the valuable lessons that I can employ for the rest of my life! Heart-felt thanks Darla, for being such an amazing life coach to me!"

- Jennifer S.

"Darla has not only great training and experience, but unique gifts which are showcased during coaching. She asks just the right questions to get to the real issues and help you set direction, and make progress. I was very impressed with her ability to probe, inquire, and gently push with a real spirit of inquiry and support.

- Ginny M. VP

"I've experienced outstanding result as student of the Coaching Client Model. It has personally improved my growth, providing detailed clear roadmap to assist achievement of my desired goals. It has personally helped prioritize and structure my personal planning, providing long-term results toward personal goals."

- Don Bell